Thanks to the collaboration with highly selected partners to maintain its standards, Rizzato can also offer its customers galvanic treatments, chrome plating, gold plating, nickel plating, electrolytic galvanising, PVD or DLC acting as prime contractor.

Galvanic treatments can provide the workpiece with different finishes: bright chrome plating, satin chrome plating or coloured galvanising. The galvanising process starts with cleaning, a cleansing phase in which the workpiece is stripped of all dust or other residues that may have been deposited on it during previous processes. 

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Once the cleaning is finished, the piece passes to the preparation phase in which it is examined to define the best method of attachment and then proceeds to immersion in the galvanic baths.
Finally, the part is ready for the proper galvanic cycle, which consists of a bath that allows the metal surface to be transformed by nickel plating, gold plating or chrome plating.
PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition and its mechanisms can be distinguished into generation, transport and actual deposition. Generation is carried out physically, through the evaporation of the metals that will make up the coating layer. PVD coatings are metallic surface coatings in the form of very thin films (with thicknesses ranging from a few tenths of a micron up to larger values depending on requirements), which are deposited on the surface to be treated, enhancing its qualities and improving its technical characteristics.
DLC is an innovative carbon-based coating that improves the treated part’s resistance to abrasion, sliding and chemical aggression. It is deposited at low temperatures while still guaranteeing optimum adhesion.
These stages are also supervised by Rizzato’s specialised technicians who are able to bring valuable added value thanks to many years of experience.

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