Warehouse and Kanban

An intelligent lean supply chain management system makes our warehouses and procurement processes lighter, reducing costs for the customer without sacrificing production quality.

Shipping Specialists

To enable our customers to get the most out of every project, our commitment goes beyond the physical processing of products.
Our fully mapped warehouses allow for rapid processing of day-to-day activities. Whatever enters the Rizzato warehouse is labelled, allocated and mapped. This allows immediate traceability of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
Should the customer require it, Rizzato can also offer a ‘kanban’ service. Thanks to the space available, a part of the Rizzato warehouse is entirely dedicated to customers. Rizzato is in fact able to store finished or semi-finished products for customers who request it, guaranteeing a delivery or collection service within 24 hours.
Rizzato also independently manages shipments in Italy and abroad. We have our own fleet of vehicles to carry out deliveries directly, and in parallel we cooperate with carefully selected professional transporters who can guarantee reliability and punctuality.
The direct management not only of material processing, but also of transport and delivery operations, provides Rizzato customers with modern and rational logistics, developed according to the lean philosophy for maximum performance and minimum cost impact, not only in internal production but also in the management of processing carried out at selected external partners for whom Rizzato acts as prime contractor.

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