In addition to high-quality production, Rizzato offers its customers a complete service throughout the entire production process: from the study of the project in co-engineering to its industrialisation, following the most modern design techniques at all stages. With a highly trained and problem-solving-oriented technical department, each project is analysed and optimised in every aspect, from consulting to design, from prototyping to development

Industry specialists

A competent and modern technical office, with specific and up-to-date CAD- CAM/3D support programmes, to analyse each project by evaluating
– the best solution
– the variables of realisation from a technical, aesthetic, economic point of view
– any modifications required to produce a sample, as a check in advance of the production phase.
Our technicians can offer customised advice to help you design your product with a view to optimising costs, maximising performance and the functional and aesthetic result of the article under consideration.
The synchronised work of the production area with the technical department is at the heart of Rizzato: our operators, thanks to advanced computer systems, manage the design in a fully customisable manner guided by technicians who, thanks to their close co-engineering cooperation in design with the customer, have an in-depth knowledge of the individual projects.
All new designs, in agreement with the customer, following co-engineering will be put into production with a series of samples, with the aim of hands-on experience of the part that was initially only conceived. Subsequently, the process will enter a pre-series phase, with a quantity of parts to simulate actual production. This pilot process will highlight any criticalities during the future production arc, and will be useful for improvements or modifications. Part of this project is also the choice of the most suitable packaging, fundamental to guarantee product quality and the smoothest possible process, in which the customer and Rizzato’s technical department collaborate.

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