Our proven strategic awareness of market dynamics allows us to evolve in step with new production requirements, with cutting-edge solutions for any challenge.

Our production strength

Industrial machinery, safety devices, furnishing and lighting components, hospital or medical equipment, industrial washing, catering, coffee machines, vending machines, extractor hoods, household appliances, refrigerators, taps and fittings or refrigeration machines items with different uses and purposes but which at production level require precision, quality, functionality, reliability and aesthetics.

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Industrial components

Industrial machines require some of the highest working speeds and precision standards, without compromising production sustainability. In these cases, Rizzato's technical expertise is complemented by the ability to develop co-engineering projects with the customer. Rizzato is able to produce components for industrial machines where very high precision and attention to detail are required, such as supports for displays, small internal functional components as well as bodies for small and medium-sized industrial machinery.

Technologies for security

To security devices we entrust the lives of people and the integrity of goods. Rizzato develops these components and technologies with great responsibility: providing the highest quality means protecting people and companies. We can produce a wide variety of components, from protective covers for alarm systems, to cabinets that protect electronic equipment such as servers or switchboards, to access control machines.

Hospital equipment

In an industrial sector where product performance depends on people's care, safety and quality of life, Rizzato is aware of the importance of producing each project to the highest standards. Thanks to our precision and attention to product quality in all its aspects, from the aesthetic to the functional, we are the ideal partner to support you in the production of operating theatre hygienisers, incubators, various machines for medical laboratories, components for air sanitisers and everything in the hospital or medical sector that is made of steel and must meet high performance standards.

Horeca products

The Ho.Re.Ca sector is one of the sectors in which Rizzato is most present. In fact, the Ho.Re.Ca sector requires equipment in which Rizzato's contribution is required both for aesthetics, as for example in professional coffee machines normally positioned in view, and for functional purposes of the equipment, such as components for large kitchens and industrial dishwashers.
Then there are those pieces of equipment that require both characteristics, such as vending machines and vending machines.

Household Appliances

Another sector in which Rizzato is known is the domestic sector.
Here Rizzato makes its contribution in the production of extractor hoods, household appliances, refrigerators, tapware and accessories: products for the domestic environment that come into daily contact with the end user and require excellent aesthetics and functionality.


Quality construction and reliability are a must in refrigeration machines. Co-engineered development guarantees lower process costs and better quality results for your end customers. Whether fridges for domestic use or refrigerated display cabinets, Rizzato is your ideal partner.

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