Rizzato's flagship is its finishing department, which, thanks to a high level of craftsmanship combined with automated satin-finishing and polishing centres, produces parts of the highest quality every day.

The surface finish is in fact one of the fundamental aspects for the final aesthetics of the product. Whether the finish is satin or matt, Rizzato, thanks to its special attention to product aesthetics and its talent for taking care of this aspect, can satisfy every request.

Industry specialists

The perfection of the finishes and the treatments reserved for stainless steel surfaces testify to the company’s commitment to researching innovative technologies that guarantee excellent results, especially in the execution and restoration of machined surfaces.
Inside our department there are two robotic islands operating on 2 daily shifts, one for satin-finishing and one for polishing, interchangeable with each other according to production needs. The department is then completed by a series of manual stations where highly specialised Rizzato employees carry out all the various types of satin finishing or polishing according to specific customer requirements.
On request, Rizzato can also check and, if necessary, certify the roughness of satin-finished surfaces, and measure the gloss of polished surfaces.
Newly introduced in the finishing department is an IFP ultrasonic and solvent washing machine that is able to thoroughly clean any workpiece by removing all residues that may have remained from previous processing, thus enabling us to deliver parts to our customers already free of film and ready for use.
The extreme care and attention in the finishing phases of the stainless steel allows Rizzato to carry out a precise quality control of the surface of the part, thus guaranteeing the absence of production rejects due to aesthetic defects, thus favouring in-line assembly operations in our customers’ factories.

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