To complete the finishing, Rizzato also has a small screen printing and pad printing and laser marking department.

Here you can apply anything you want to your products, from your logo to more complex designs or markings.Typical products that require this processing are, for example, oven or cooker masks where the various ignition and control knobs are then applied.

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Laser marking allows a choice of about ten different colour shades that can vary from grey to blue, but can also be more prone to yellow or red in their various declinations. The durability of this treatment is practically eternal, but it cannot be carried out on products treated with paint, enamel or other types of coating.
Unlike laser marking, pad printing can also be applied to treated surfaces and allows a very wide range of colours. However, this treatment is more delicate and has a shorter lifespan than laser marking if the product is not treated with due care.

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