An intelligent “lean” supply chain management system that makes our warehouses and supplying processes lighter, reducing costs for the customer without compromising the production quality

To enable our customers to get the most out of every project, our commitment goes beyond the physical processing of products.
Rizzato manages the shipments in Italy and abroad, directly handling the packaging phases. We have our own fleet of vehicles to carry out larger deliveries and we cooperate with professional transporters of proven reliability and punctuality.

The direct management of transport and delivery operations, in addition to material processing, makes available to the Rizzato customer a modern and rational logistics, developed according to the lean philosophy for the maximum performance and minimum impact on costs. In this way, we are able to reduce time and cost involved in managing orders, while at the same time we guarantee the optimal execution of outsourced production processes

Some of our

For any application field, from the heaviest uses to design products, entrusting a project to Rizzato means guaranteeing products with a high quality and aesthetic profile. A quality that we are able to replicate in every sector, with the most diverse processes and techniques