A state-of-the-art automation of the material handling, directly connected to machines for continuous production cycles and perfectly optimised timing

The real flagship of Rizzato is the automatic robotic Night Train FMS warehouse, a fully automated and synchronized sheet metal storage system that allows potential working continuity of 24 hours a day.

The Night Train FMS optimizes the management of material and information flows, with a flexible integration in the production processes.

Thanks to the direct connection with machines the Rizzato automatic feed system allows us to offer an increased production continuity and high performance production with positive effects on timing, costs and quality levels to the full benefit of the customer.

Some of our

For any application field, from the heaviest uses to design products, entrusting a project to Rizzato means guaranteeing products with a high quality and aesthetic profile. A quality that we are able to replicate in every sector, with the most diverse processes and techniques