With a highly trained technical department open to problem-solving, each project is analysed and optimised in every aspect, from consulting to design, from prototyping to development

In addition to high production quality, Rizzato offers its customers a complete service throughout the entire production cycle: from the study of co-engineering project, up to its industrialization, and following all the cutting edge technical phases.

A competent R&D department with specific and updated CAD- CAM/3D support programmes to analyse every project evaluating:

  • the best solution
  • the realization variables from a technical, aesthetic and economic view point
  • possible changes in order to create a sampling, as an early test before the production

The synchronized work of the production department with our technical department is the core of Rizzato: our operators, thanks to advanced computer systems, manage the design phase in a completely customizable way.

Some of our

For any application field, from the heaviest uses to design products, entrusting a project to Rizzato means guaranteeing products with a high quality and aesthetic profile. A quality that we are able to replicate in every sector, with the most diverse processes and techniques