Our tried and tested strategic sensitivity to the market dynamics enable us to evolve keeping up with new production needs, offering always avant-garde solutions for any type of challenge

Industrial components

Industrial machines require the highest standards of precision and operating conditions, without compromising the production sustainability In these cases, Rizzato combines technical expertise with the ability to develop projects co-engineered with the customer.


To safety devices we entrust people's lives and the integrity of goods. At Rizzato we develop components and technologies with this responsibility: offering the maximum quality means protecting people and companies.

Furnishing components
and lighting

Where design is an integral part of the product, a perfect aesthetic is the only way to success. Thanks to flexibility and continuous technical renewal we are always updated with the latest trends.

Hospital equipment
and medical sector

In a field where assistance, safety and life quality depends on product performace Rizzato is aware of the importance of realizing each project to the maximum of its characteristics.


Industrial washing,professional catering, coffee machines and vending Loads requiring maximum performance and long-lasting durability. Products of unquestionable quality right from the initial processes.

Domestic field

Extractor hoods,household appliances, refrigerators, fittings and accessories: every product for the domestic environment comes into daily contact with the end user and requires excellent aesthetic and building quality.


Quality and reliability are a must in cold-focused equipment Co-engineering development guarantees reduced process costs and better quality results for your end customers.

Some of our

For any application field, from the heaviest uses to design products, entrusting a project to Rizzato means guaranteeing products with a high quality and aesthetic profile. A quality that we are able to replicate in every sector, with the most diverse processes and techniques